Operational Requirements

The following will be required for operation of IIDS:  

(i) Query Processing Lab (QPL): It would be a decentralized advanced call center where all the multimedia queries raised by the farmers / coordinators can be processed and the solutions may be dispatched to the farmers in their desired time and mode. These labs can be established for specified locations (e.g at Krishi Vigyan Kendra for one District) to cater and manage location specific queries / problems.

(ii) Central Hub:
A central hub would be required to connect with various QPLs e.g one State Agriculture University may act as a central hub which will be connected with various QPLs (KVKs) established under its jurisdiction area.  The central hub will host the server (application server, IVRS server, SMS Gateway, Mobile server) and location specific database. Whenever any query will come from the registered users (voice or multimedia form), it will be automatically routed to the concerned QPL from where the farmer is registered. The central hub will also register the unregistered farmers who are interested to avail the services from IIDS.

(iii) Communication System: 
This is required to transmit the multimedia query (in image, audio, text or video mode) from field (farmers / field coordinators) to the Query Processing Lab and vice versa in case of advice/solution. It will also enable the QPLs to be located in remote place where experts have the location specific domain knowledge for better advisory and also enable the expert to have access to handy information like weather, mandi rates, input service availability at farmer's location etc. Main components of the communication system are as follows: