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  Subscription to Services


Farmer can subscribe to Advisory services in areas of Agriculture, Animal Husbandary, Fisheries and Horticulture.  


  Avail Advisory Services


Farmer will be able to avail advisory services request by all the three modes i.e. IVR, Web and Smartphone application.


  Access Information


Farmer will be able to select the various options of information which he wishes to access. The information can be in the area of Linkages (Government schemes, Financial services, Input information ), Directory services ( Food processing units, Storage unit , Procurer agency, Agri Input provider details, Bank location and contact information )


  Access Past Advisory


Past advisory can be looked through the menu My Q&A, where in tab closed advisory is reflecting the list of past advisories. These past advisories have problem tab and  a solution tab


  Knowledge Bank


Knowledge bank provides the ability to search for information from existing repository of resources internal as well as external. Internal are those that are being generated from the application itself and external resources provide the links to sites such as AP Agrisnet, Agmarknet,Agromet and Rice portal


  Details Update


 Details update facility provides the ability to edit existing detailed information profile


  Service Provider Search


  Farmer has the ability to search for the different service providers, searching can be either on Location/Name/Mobile No

Field Co-ordinator

  Detailed Registration of Farmer

Field coordinator completes the farmers detailed registration. The detailed registration encompasses Farmer  and Farm information. Farmer information includes information like Personal details, Phone Numbers, Family details and Land details. Farm information include information like Farm details, Aqua details and Live stock details

 View & Update details of Farmer

 Field coordinator can view farmer details and update those details if required

  Subscribe/Unsubscribe farmer to service

 Field coordinator can subscribe and unsubscribe the farmer from the advisory/information services from My community menu.

  Capture Advisory request of the farmer

 Field coordinator can raise advisory request of the farmer form My community menu

  Share response to advisory query with the farmer

 Field coordinator has a specific responsibility of sharing the response of the raised queries with the farmer

  Village registration

 Field coordinator can register villages

  Service provider registration

  Field coordinator can register local service provider


Agri Expert

  Answer advisory to the farmer

The system shall enable the agri experts to offer advisory services to the farmer backed by the complete history of the farmer and access to large database of information. The advisory can be shared with the farmer on a live call, the advisory can be shared with the farmer when the query is offline e.g. through smartphone

  View Farmer details

 The system shall enable the experts to view farmer details while he is logged into the application. As the call is connected the details of the farmer are available on the application, this will consist of all the information that is available related to the farmer. This will also have the history of farmer queries saved in the system

  Access Knowledge bank

 The agri expert will have the facility to view the knowledge bank while he is discussing the solutions with the farmer on the call and even otherwise. The expert will have the facility within the same application to search for all relevant content related to the farmers problem, this will include various kind of information like past interactions on similar queries.

  Access past advisory request of the farmer

  The agri expert will have the facility to search and access past advisories requested by     farmer on the web. There will be multiple options to search for the past information like  Farmer,Type of problem and Location

KVK Manager

  User Registration Field Co-ordinator & Expert

 KVK Manager  registers the field coordinators and domain experts for the KVK

  Approve Field Co-ordinator registration

 Field coordinators registered, are approved by the KVK Manager

  Adhoc Info Management

KVK Manager has the responsibility of creating Adhoc messages. The Adhoc messages can be created on the basis of category,type of crop,district selection, with additional feature of date and time at which these messages are to be disseminated. These messages can capture text, images,audio and video info

  Service Provider Registration

 Service provider registration is being done by the KVK Manager

  Confirm Calendar

 KVK Manager confirm the calendars created by the SAU manager before they are disseminated

  Assign FC

 Assigning FC to the farmers is another responsibility of KVK Manager

  Village Registration

 Village registration can be done by the KVK Manager as well as field coordinator

  Group Messaging

  KVK manager can create group messages for internal communication with other stakeholders of the  system

SAU Manager

  Individual Calendar management

Individual Calendar management is the cornerstone of the entire system. The individual calendar management  for different services such as Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries . Further selection can be made at the district and KVK level. Once this has been done, this will be available as a service for subscription. The individual service then can be further categorized on day basis, as to which information is to be pushed after how many days

 Approve Expert registration

The SAU Manager has the authority of approving the Experts created for the system. These experts are registered by the KVK manager, once registered the registration details appear in the pending list for the approval at the SAU level. Once they are approved the experts registered will be available for providing services with the system

  Adhoc Info management

SAU Manager can create Adhoc messages. The Adhoc messages can be created on the basis of category,type of crop,district selection, with additional feature of date and time at which these messages are to be disseminated. These messages can capture text, images,audio and video info to be delivered

  Create Users

SAU Manager can create users with different roles, the possible roles selection are of TNT Member,KVK Manager,Administrator, Quality Checker and SAU itself. These can be chosen for different district, Krishi Vigyan Kendra

  Create & Update Offers

Create & Update Offers enables the SAU Manager to create new offers by selecting service provider type, district and KVK. The details of the offer can be entered  with the starting and ending dates for the offer validity can also be chosen. Once the offer is created the offer will be available in the offer list tab. The offer list enables the SAU Manager to edit the offer details if required

  View Adhoc messages

All the adhoc messages created within the system will be available for viewing at the SAU level in this menu

  Access Knowledge Bank

 The SAU Manager has the facility of accessing the Knowledge bank available.

  Group Messaging

  SAU Manager can create group messages for internal communication with other stakeholders of the system

T&T Member

  Listen to recordings and transcribing

The transcription team will be transcribing the conversations and performing certain interactions with the farmer for administrative functions. T&T members will be able to listen to the recordings which have been marked for transcription by the agri expert. The T&T member selects the option to transcribe a particular recording, the T&T member will be shown a form which will capture both structured and unstructured information, as well they will be able to see the information captured by the expert in the screen itself. Once all the information is saved the transcription is marked complete and the status of the transcription request is changed, removing it from the pending list and being shown in the list of transcribed queries

  Farmer registration

The T&T member can perform farmer registration with field information like Name, Address, Phone , District, KVK, Mandal and Village selection. The T&T can further gather details like Farmer details and Farm details as well. Along with performing registration of the farmer, T&T will be assigning the farmer to the field coordinator

 Search  Farmer, Expert, Coordinator , Service Provider

 T&T will be able to perform Farmer, Expert, Coordinator and Service Provider search. The search criteria can be either Location based, Name based or Phone number based

  Group messaging

 T&T can create group messages for internal communication with other stakeholders of the system


Quality Control

  Advisory Quality

Quality Control team is responsible for maintaining and auditing the quality of the services being offered, the team will be able to capture the information by calling up the farmer. For Agro Advisory parameters identified for capturing information include Understanding  of callers problem (diagnosis), Appropriateness of solution, Use of Level2 Experts, Voice quality, Courtesy in Communication and Time Taken. The queries selection is being done in random fashion to maintain transparency.

  Info service quality

For information services the parameters identified are Adequacy, Accuracy, Relevancy, Simple & clear language, Confident and clear voice, gaps in desired time and mode of information

  Complaint Record

  A complaint record menu is provided for searching list of complaints recorded which can be  searched on the basis of Location/Farmer Phone/Farmer Name


  Role master management

The IIDS shall enable operational administrators to add to various master tables. This will include Organization master, Language master, Crop master,Commodity master, Caste, Animal, Advisory Type

 Audit Trail

The Administrator will have the facility of maintaining audit trail, by entering the Farmer ID, selecting the type of interaction along with the start and end dates selection, an entire audit can be done

  Search & Generate MIS Reports

The Administrator will be able to generate Advisory, Profile Related and Information related MIS reports. These MIS reports can be generated in several formals like excel, pdf etc

  Search  Farmer, Expert, Field Co-ordinator, Service Provider

  The Administrator has the facility for performing Farmer/Expert/Coordinator/Service Provider Search

  based upon one of these parameters Location/Phone/Name