About Interactive Information Dissemination System

IIDS is a pull and push based system where agriculture related information can be pulled by the farmers using their mobile phones. There is a mobile interface at front end and web interface at the back end. Data can be transmitted through voice, text, images and videos from both end (farmers to expert and back). This system will provide the options to the farmer to subscribe for the various services. Farmer will receive information for only those services for which he has subscribed and has an option at a later date to either select some more services or unsubscribe to some of the existing services. The system will be connected to a centralized database, which would have all information of farm, farmer and previous transactions. The experts at back end (web application) would have access to the database of the farmers while responding the farmer's queries. The major features are as follows

IIDS interacts, either directly or indirectly, with the following significant roles: