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Type of Users

The following are the main users of IIDS:

(i) Farmer: Farmers are the end users of IIDS and as per the study the most commonly available, accessible and preferred ICT gadget for farmers is Mobile phones. Thus the system is being developed keeping this factor in mind which would cater the basic and value added multimedia agri services to all types of mobile user farmers, independent of their network providers. The system can be accessed through basic mobile phones (text & voice), smart phones (text, image, voice & video) and land line phones / PCO (voice) and web / kiosk (text, image, voice & video). Apart from mobile the farmer can access the system by using a web based kiosk. The farmer has to register himself to get the advisory or information services.
To get the personalized advisory the farmer has to register with their farm and farming details / history and desired services e.g personalized agro advisory. To receive the information services, farmer can register by selecting the services along with their desired mode and time.

(ii) Field Coordinator: These can be the local champions / progressive farmers / having agricultural experience along with operational knowledge of computer / smart phones. They will act as an information messenger for the farmers who doesn't have a smart phone or are unable to send / receive the information on multimedia mode. One field coordinator can cover 5-6 villages and cater 20 30 farmers per day. He will register the farmers, listen their specific queries, takes their crop picture / video and send it to the experts and again provides expert's solution. These coordinators can also be used to gather location specific information regarding local weather, local mandi rates, database of local service providers, providing training / demo on farming practices or technical issues to the farmers.

(iii) Domain Experts: Query Processing Lab ideally located at KVKs will be having various domain/subject experts (level one) e.g Agriculture / Animal Husbandry/ Fisheries etc who will provide location specific information and solutions to the farmer's queries in real time or through offline mode.

(iv). Virtual Experts: These are the level two experts who would be available virtually and would solve the problems which may not be solved by the level one experts available at QPL. The experts may be from SAUs / retired agriculture scientists with a system and internet connection placed anywhere.

(v) Service Providers: To provide location specific information services, linkages (online and offline) would established with various service providers e.g  IMD, NCDEX, Input dealers, Banking and Financial institutions, Insurance agencies etc. They will get registered to the IIDS and their data will be updated in the system to provide information to the end users (farmers).